Adventure 2001 Windows Eidos Futuristic 3D action adventure Role playing Action Rpg Sci fi

It raises a great and original feeling

Anachronox is a role-playing futuristic game released in 2001 by Eidos, one of my favorite videogame industry leader. This business began with the idea of two brothers, and since that time, everything is history. When I first played Anachronox, I truly believed that it was the best role-playing games I have ever tried. And I have a wide knowledge when it comes to RPGs. At that time, I played it a very long time, but I had to delete it, so before writing this review, I had the opportunity to live again those memories and remember the most important things to mention here. You play as Sylvester "Sly" Boots, whose primary mission is to unravel a mystery and to stop the evil forces from the universe to destroy humanity. I was impressed by the strong personalities of the characters, by the sense of humour present in this game and also by the strange situations you are involved with. Once you will get into the excellent story, you won't take into consideration the other aspects such as the graphics or sound effects, which also represent an area of advantage for Anachronox. The monotony is driven away by the challenging puzzles, by the various combats, all in all by the gameplay that raises a great and original feeling.

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