Alter Ego - Female

Simulation 1986 Dos Activision Life simulation

Alter Ego for the ladies!

Alter Ego tried something completely different in terms of simulation, long time before games such as The Sims shallowly attempted to create a sandbox in which you could be whomever you wanted. I'd even argue that in its primitive way, this game, Alter Ego – Female (and the male version as well, to be fair) has done more for creating a purer translation experience for any player wanting to have a go at a world of experiences that revolve around managing the day to day life (as well as the choices that impact these characters lives for long term) than any of the colorful (but ultimately shallow) Sims games. But at any rate, it's not a competition (or a fair one, to be more precise) because the interactive languages of these series are so different. In Alter Ego you will mainly focus on choices, which are offered to you as tabs from which you choose. Basically your trajectory in the game's world is a purely narrative one, rather than the graphical one of the sims. So, as long as you apply a liberal dose of inventiveness and creativity (as well as imagination) you can pretty much create a persona and its life journey that you want to experience. Surely, you have to give the game the benefit of the age in which it was crafted. This is no full on graphical game (though, as I said it has tabs that order your options at any one time, from which you can choose whichever) but it surely creates a very enticing experience, and also a very unique one in the realm of gaming. I wish games like this one were made today as well, they could be so much more complex and showcase more finesse in the options they present to you.

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