Alter Ego - Male

Simulation 1986 Dos Dosbox Activision Life simulation

Male centric text based life sim

There were 2 main games in the series, one focusing on male centric writing and another one who was more suited for female players. The game plays as a sort of very finely grained pick your adventure/ interactive fiction program but it also has a few areas where the gameplay is more diverse. There are also a few RPG like elements, as your progression through the game will lead to your picking up different traits and slowly building a certain character type for you. The choices that you will face seem based in real life, at least in a sort of 80s idea of what male and female roles should be in society, so, from this perspective the game is a good sociological experiment. On the other hand, you need to invest yourself a bit more into the game, try to add to the narrative yourself, to make it a bit more coherent. But given the scope of the game find it a very compelling experience, though you will need to concede the lack of graphics and the lack of narrative details to be expected from such a daring experiment. If you like text based adventures, this particular game/sim can be a good choice, but you'll soon begin to see through the cracks as the game can only be so enticing until its mechanistic nature becomes evident.

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