American Civil War: From Sumter To Appomattox

Strategy 1996 Windows Interactive Magic Historical

The economic and tactical models are very strong

This strategy game is based on the American civil war and is the third edition to the series which has served the best one by far. Starting with the plot, the plot is the war itself. First of all, you can run the tutorials to get a grip on the basics of the game which is a very good and facilitating feature. The game engine is the best feature that it has and you have e Avery good tactical, diplomatic and economic model which makes strategy making and implementing a lot a fun. These features add tremendously to the game play and makes it one of the very best games based on the American Civil war. The graphics have been kept simple but they are detailed enough to indulge your interest in the game and you will surely stick to it while you play it. They have also added a lot of cut pictures and these pictures do invite an interesting feel to the game. The UI in the game is though the best in all the three versions that they have formulated but still it lacks the feature of being user friendly. I can give you a good detail of the gaming options but they are worth experiencing as a surprise. The game is not be confused with Civil War Generals 2 because that game has a different set up.

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