Semper Fi

Strategy 1998 Windows Interactive Magic Historical Top down

Squad level wargame, with American marines

In Semper Fi you will be in command of squads of marines, from a relatively low level (for a wargame) close to ground point of view. However, you still can't control units individually, so don't expect this to be an exercise in (very!) close quarters wargaming. Nope, what this game is, is an exercise in higher level strategies, strategies that are actually in tune with real world marine strategies. Overall, Semper Fi allows you to control your squads on a map, hex based, and arrange them as intelligently as you can think; the low level tactics are resolved automatically, mathematically, based both on position, action points, and other stats, So, because the enemies can be quite as well endowed as you with weapons and other such prerequisites, you have to really think your strategy well. At any rate, graphically Semper Fi is a very palatable game, very well drawn. The maps are very suggestive, and the elements that you encounter there all have some usefulness, some utility, which is great, especially when you have to speculate the terrain for cover and for tactical advantages. Play it, it's a cool mix, and a rare low level, palatable and not that hard to learn wargame. Similarly, Close Combat 3: The Russian Front offers you quite the same kind of mix of elements as well, so give it a try as well, especially if you want an even closer to ground wargame.

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