Ata: Extracts from the American Civil War

Strategy 2000 Windows Badgers Historical Organized forces

Turn base ar game with humor

If you want a war game with a touch of humor rather than a touch of realism and destruction, then this one has all to fascinate you as the game apart from its action is a lot of fun. You will either play as the commander of the confederate or the union forces as the game is based on the civil war that took place in USA. The goal which you will have in this game is to defeat the other enemy and this process will involve both action and humor. As you go on winning the territories of enemies or the territories that are independent, you will be gaining gold which you'll use to pay off the salaries of the troops and make new recruitments. The SVGA resolution in this game really makes the gameplay very crisp and clear and the controls are fine tuned for both keyboard and joystick. Your course of action will involve many strategies and some of those strategies will give rise to some very hilarious scenarios which will keep you interested in the game. It also has a very good trading system incorporated in it which you can use for trading and exchanging troops. Though the game is very good but Medieval 2 is the one which you will definitely love after this one.

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