Conquest of The New World

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox Interplay Historical God game or micromanagement Turn based

A turn based game with an interesting story

Conquest of the New World deploys you in a theater of battle that is none other than our Earth, where you can choose to be the leader of any of the six European nations featured, along with High natives one. This is a game that feels like an extended board game ported onto the PC. You will start out by building a small colony, expand it with a host of new building and try to prepare for an invasion. Much in the style of Civilization but with less of a backstory and without the intricacies of that game, Conquest of the New World feels a bit underwhelming, so if you really want to experience it properly you will have to play with friends. The multiplayer options allow for asynchronous mail sessions, LAN multiplayer or even hot seat play. Graphics wise the game looks very good and for the history fanatics out there, the events portrayed in the game are in tune with known historic fact. So, to hone your skills you might want to try some of the included scenarios, who will pit you against other ancient colonies of our planet's history. I recommend the game for turn based strategists that love to take their time and concoct scenarios and to think about alternative stories. For them it will surely be worthwhile.

Select which country you would like to play

This is an amazing game! It is turn-based, and takes place during the initial discovery of the American Continents. You select which country you would like to play as (Spain, Britain, Portugal, France, or the Natives), and then proceed in exploring the new world, building colonies and armies, and battling it out with the other nations in order to gain control of the continent. It can be played with multiple people on the same computer (although you'll probably want to send everybody who's turn it is NOT out of the room). I played this a great deal when I was young, and had a riot with it!

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