Amulets & Armor

RPG 1997 Dos Dosbox United Software Artists Fantasy First person

Not great, but it deserves a chance

Amulets & Armor is a 1997 role-playing game released by United Software Artists. The menu is simple and presents the characters list, with the eleven classes, each with their own traits and strengths. You have to choose one of the following: The Citizen, The Knight, The Mage, The Warlock, Priest, A Rogue, Archers, Sailors, The Paladin, Mercenaries, Magicians. I liked the easy way I was able to control my character, so, no complaints in this area. The game comes with a variety of missions, with 4 to 5 chapters, that can be repeated any time. You will explore dungeons, defeat enemies, steal items and search for exits. When you don't play and you aren't involved in missions, you can access your store, hostelries, and your missions list. As soon as you start, you will probably be disappointed by the mediocre and poor design and graphics. So, this aspect ruins a bit the excitement of playing, and also makes you confused when it comes to perceiving the end or the beginning of some textures and elements. The view is from a first-person perspective, the environment is 3D and the enemies are 2D. The sound effects have potential, but after awhile, they become irritating. You will enjoy the classes of the characters for sure, so, this game is worth playing especially for them, and also for the large selection of weapons, objects, potions, and food.

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