Ravenloft 2: The Stone Prophet

RPG 1995 Dos Dosbox DreamForge Intertainment Fantasy First person

A joy to play for the modern first person RPG lover

Remember how in the days of yore 3D role playing games featured static 3D instances in which you progressed as if on a grid? Well, Ravenloft 2 changed all that, and while it wasn't the first game to do it, it sure was a well rounded one to tackle this option. Ravenloft was also very interesting in that it applied the Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition rules to the perspective, rules which were more suited for a turn based game. However, the change to real strategy managed to make it without problems into the game, and thus, the battles and the other D & D controlled situations felt great. The game story was both interesting content wise abut also in the way that it was delivered. The game was among the first ones to feature fully spoken dialogue and also a lot of cut scenes of very high quality, as they were pre-rendered. So, if you want to embark on a cool Egypt themed RPG run, Ravenloft 2 will certainly deliver the goods. The story will keep you immersed as well as the smooth graphics and many battles and puzzles that await.

Strongly reccomended

I remember playing this game years ago on my PC. I don't have total recall on it. I played the first Ravenloft game, the various Eye of the Beholder games, Menzoberanzon (pardon the spelling). I really liked this game. I know I played it for quite a while and really enjoyed it. That fact alone means it wasn't as frustrating as the previously mentioned games. I remember the graphics being better than the others as well as the game itself being better. I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of it again. The only downside I can recall is that I didn't feel it was a "true" D and D game. It takes place in the desert with lots of ancient Egyptian architecture and symbolism. Some of the items I was not familiar with and had to learn what they were used for. Until Neverwinter Nights, this was my favorite D and D game for the PC. I never got to finish so I hope to get a copy and finally complete it. If you get a chance, I would recommend getting a copy.

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