Lords of Midnight 3: The Citadel

RPG 1995 Dos Domark Fantasy First person

A messy strategy, adventure and role playing experience

Mad props for Lords of Midnight 3: The Citadel for trying to combine three distinct gameplay styles into one, but, unfortunately, the end result is a messy, skewered and really hard to play thing. The game follows the Lords of Midnight which, while not as ambitious, was an actually well produced more leaned towards adventure experience, but, the way it was followed in this game will give all but the most forgiving players a pause. First of all, you get a lot of action in a map environment, where you have to make your way towards your next mission. However, you also have to manage your player role playing style and on top of that, the adventure challenges pop up on top of all this, never really allowing you to focus on no one single element. But you thought that was all? Nope, adding even more insult to the injury, the game doesn't let you focus on one character, nope, you can and actually need) to play the game from the perspective of more than just one player, and this will simply ruin any immersion you were hoping to achieve, at least in terms of the story. Yeah, I appreciate the Indigo Prophecy kind of mish mash of characters, but here they feel superfluous and never too well realized. So, no, rather go for a Ravenloft type game, where at least you can focus on role playing more and get the additional kick of the story that makes a lot more sense.

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