Animated Bounce

Sport 2002 Windows Humorous Arcade style Street sports

Arcade Volleyball remake; as fun as the original

The original Arcade Volleyball was a true arcade game, a sidescroller inspied by volleyball, but an animal of its own making; in it you controlled a small rounded creature trying to send the volley ball in the field of the enemy. Graphics were EGA. Well, this SVGA remake is much more adept graphically, with pseudo realistic cartoonish graphics and with much smother animations. Thus, it will definitely be a great game for those that love a game that looks a bit more modern. The gameplay however is just the same. You control the angle of the volley ball by hitting it at the opposite angle, sort of like in a pool game, where your cue ball hits diametrically opposed to where it will go. Also, you can jump, and you need to trick your opponent in positioning itself somewhere where hitting the ball in time would be impossible. If you like Pong, Animated Bounce will most definitely be the most fun game you will get a chance at trying. So, don't forget to have it in your collection – it will definitely not disappoint.

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