The Games: Summer Challenge

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A nice collection of arcade sports

The Games: Summer Challenge is a game bundle, containing a number of summer themed minigames, most of them action in style and offering you a lot of fun. You get, in this bundle, kayak, archery, hurdles (400m), jumping, both in the pole vault variety as well as the high jump, an equestrian game, in which you want to make sure your horse is the winner, or at the least, one of the top horses to reach the finish line, as well as a game of javelin and a cycling event. So, overall, this is a very comprehensive game bundle with lots of events, as you can see. Each one is a very well put together minigame. The kayak one, for instance is all about navigating your way down a river and making sure you don't miss any of the games, like in a slalom competition, and, of course, try your best to be the first to reach the end. Some of the game are delivered in 3D, while others are delivered in static screens that look 3D but are not. But all of them look and play fairly well, and are easy to learn. Similarly download Games: Summer edition for an older, more retro take on this kind of bundle of competition sports.

A great Olympics game

This game is a great Olympics game and one of my favorite childhood games. The game is a sequel to the Winter Olympics game and is in my opinion a far better game. You get to compete in 8 very cool and interesting sport disciplines (archery being my personal favorite) in which you can play alone or in a group of up to 10 players. The game is designed in the same engine and the gameplay is almost the same, the only thing that has changed are the challenges. The game keeps very good track of your scores and is very realistic in the simulation of actually playing the sports. The controls are very simple, mostly the ENTER key and the arrow keys, so the game is very user friendly. The game's graphic experience is also virtually unchanged from the Winter games, but the graphics were very good to begin with, so there are no objections, your honor. The music and sound effects are also basically the same as in the last game. The game is very fun, very realistic and a great addition to all sports game fans.

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