Big BumpZ

Sport 2003 Windows Mat Dickie Fighting Arcade style Action based

Freeware wrestling game; stunt based

In Big BumpZ you don't play to win against the other wrestlers, but you play in order to manage to execute the strangest and most difficult of tackles, parades, and other similar kinds of stunts that these performers are known and loved for. This in the game is done by equipping your player with a list of moves, and, in order to execute a stunt, you have to chain together a number of these moves. It's easier said than done, because you also have to take into account the timing, the position of the wrestler in regard to the soil or some other element, and, also, you have to make sure that you get as many points as possible from your stunts. The Big BumpZ engine, even if not too diverse or smart, is sure enough a good enough one for the game, and it allows you to get quite a few things done without issues. It isn't, however, a game in which you can execute very detailed stunts, at least not graphically. But then again, Big BumpZ is a freeware title released and produced integrally by a one man team, which is pretty impressive. Also, developed by the same individual, are Wrestling Mpire, a similar themed game, though different from the point of view of the things you can do in it.

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