Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

Sport 2001 Windows Activision Unconventional Street sports

Street skating action game

Tony Hawk is no longer just a great skater, he has become a staple of the subculture and someone immediately recognized, due to the many gear contract he had signed, du to his signing of games with his brand and much more. Therefore, if you love skating games and even skating as a standalone sport you will find this third title in the series very refreshing and fun to play even today. That is because the controls and the trick library have been largely amended, to include new moves along with a number of other balancing improvements. Just like in the predecessors you get awarded points for completing more complicated tricks. They are not automatically done as you play, you need to manage your balance and try certain combos in mid air, well timed to be able to do them properly. Thus, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 combines the best of the old and a few new usability improvements that really put this game on the map as a very friendly to play game. Play this one and then go and find out how the 4th title bonds to you, as most of it is the same gameplay routine with a few more environments.

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