Arcade Volleyball

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Pong inspired, minimalist graphically and playable

In 87 the Pong craze had kind of run to a halt. However that didn't stop the developers from rehashing the recipe and tying to come up with novel ways to present it. In a way, Pong, the original was such a simple game that it could be manipulated in lots and lots of ways. Well Arcade Volleyball is a Pong variant in which you play a sidescroller, 2D type of volley... pong, a kind of pong that is cool, interesting but ultimately short lived. The shortcomings of this one arise from the poor graphics, from the fact that the trajectory of the ball is hard to predict or influence and because, at a glance, you can't really tell what the winning strategy is. Because, in this game you have to fool your adversary into taking a position on the course that is not going to allow him/her to recover the ball, but because of the curved trajectory of the ball and the rather arcane way in which you influence its trajectory, it's more of a die throw game than anything else. But, if you're looking for Pong variations, this is one of them and not the worst of them either.

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