Antarctic Adventure

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox Konami Humorous Challenges

Help Pentarou find his penguin lady!

There is something refreshing about this 84 released game. The story is pretty nifty as well, as you play as a penguin set out to save the love of his life, his penguin missus, and so, you are never lacking motivation! What the game is however, is a forced perspective third person platformer, forward facing scroller racer. The arctic region is brimming with danger. There are crevices at every step of the way, there are immovable objects that you either have to jump over or slalom through. Thus, the game feels like a penguin racer, and it is totally that, with the added feature of having to jump. So, if you don't mind a silly premise and the graphical presentation, then Antarctic Adventure can be a very fulfilling, recharging type game. If you love racing games such as Lotus then this game can be just as enticing, even if the levels here and the presentation is 180 degrees from that. But, for what is worth, reuniting Pentalou with his lady friend is worth a go, so just give it a chance. It will immediately capture your attention and reward you!

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