The Adventures of Robbo

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames Single screen Item collection

Simple puzzles but is still addictive

It is an arcade puzzle game which involves some easy to solve but yet exciting puzzles and has a very inviting gameplay. The goal in this puzzle game is that you have a Robo which you need to take to the exit at every level that you play. Very naturally the path to the exit won't be easy because you will face a variety of different obstacles, enemies and puzzles and you need to go through all of them to reach the exit or the next level. The first good trait in this game is the level designs are not repetitive and the same is with the puzzles and the enemies. So you will find a unique gameplay at every level with new obstacles and new puzzles. The only thing which you can complain is that the puzzle designs in the game are not too tough but the game is well suited to those who are newcomers to this genre. Talking about graphics, they are decent enough and colorful enough to bind your interest with the game but they could have been better. The UI is also supportive for a good gameplay. The obstacles in the game are crates, bombs, lasers and some roaming enemies. For veteran gamers who like tough strategy or puzzle games should be going for Maven.

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