Adventure 1997 Windows AIM Productions NV Third Person Cartoon

Cartoony adventure with a lovely alien called Gnap!

In UFOs you will be sucked in a story that is all about UFO invasions, all about lots of scenarios in which your resourceful little alien must be steered around, so that his mi mischievous agenda will be fulfilled. The third person game tasks you with a lot of different puzzles, most of them having to do with you finding your way around, finding objects, or just fighting your way around with the (alien in the alien's eyes) creatures of our planet! Well, that's how it is, plus there's some platforming to take into consideration as well, so that's also good, as it adds variety to the game. Graphically, the entire thing is alright, for its time period, could have used a bit more detailed 3D models here and there, but that's nitpicking from my part, for the purposes of the game it looks as it should. So, have a go if games you might call children's games have power over you! Otherwise, a more mature 3rd person game, say, The Suffering, might go better with those that love darker games better.

Say hello to Gnapp

UFOs, also known as Gnap in Europe, is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Artech. The game centers around Gnap, a purple alien with one eye who crash lands on a farm and is on a search for parts in order to repair his ship and get back home. On his search, he is joined by a platypus who suffers from violent mishaps. Gnap has a similar style as Toonstruck, however is much shorter and is not as cleverly thought. The gameplay is simple: gather items, use them in certain parts, solve some puzzles and that's it...

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