World Darts

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Test your skill with virtual darts!

I love the way the developers managed to convey the feeling of uncertainty, when fixing and trying to shoot a dart, so that this game, with its arcade feel, sort of reminds of the challenges of a real darts game. So, here's the gist of the game: you have to pick the exact moment when you shoot a dart, by matching two moving sliders on a surface. You first fix the point where you want to shoot and then, the closer you are to the center of the moving dots, the better the chances you will actually shoot accurately. It's a bit of a chance game, but, if you pay attention, concentrate, and push the button at the exactly right moment, you will definitely not miss your target. Now, graphically, this is an alright game, without question well done, in that early day look. It's not the most polished game ever, but it sure looks alright for what it needs to be, and so, if you want to play a classic darts sim/arcade this can sure be it. You can play the classic countdown type of darts, or you can choose from the few variations that are included, and you can pick from a number of opponents, depending on the difficulty of the game you'd want to have. Download RSA Darts too, for a more modern variation of the game.

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