Volleyball Simulator

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Volleyball sim; simple yet customizable

Volleyball Simulator is a well playable volleyball simulator, and a pretty well produced one, fairly well done, with enough oomph to it to really make you want to try it out. It's seen from the sides, from a top perspective, a sort of forced perspective 3D look, but the players, yours and the adverse teams' ones are easily seen, as is the ball. The game is arcade in play, yet it features a number of customizations, gameplay related, as you can change the way your players are arranged on the field, and you can also change the graphical aspect of the game, from very simple, black and white to 3 color mode, to full VGA. It's well done, easy to control, and above all, respects the rules of the original game, without, however, impeding on playability. So, choose your strategy, your defense and offense tactics and then jump into the action game. A similar offering, yet more graphically satisfying is Beach Volleyball, as the name suggests, about beach volleyball. Feel the sand beneath your feet!

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