Indoor Sports

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Bowling, darts, air hockey and ping pong

Superstar Indoor Sports is a bundle containing well done, 8bit style 2D mostly games; it contains a good bowling sim, with nice enough pin bowling rules, mostly set around a hit the button at the right time mechanic, darts, well done as well, similarly asking you to hit the button at the right time, and air hockey as well as ping pong, which are based on a very similar set of rules, basically with only the graphics changed and the background to better suit the sport. Overall, the graphics in all of them are well done, but definitely with that air of on the cheap, budget games; still, that doesn't impede playing. The controls for all the games are responsive and the menu from where you choose what game to play, and the general and specific settings, all are quite alright, well done and well chosen. Thus, Superstar Indoor Sports is a good bundle, not original, but playable. Download also 3D Table Sports, with only 3 games, foosball, air hockey and hoops, to complete this rather indoors, rather fun games/sports bundle.

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