Noggin Knocker 2

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Bloodlust Software Science Fiction Third Person

It's Pong. With blood and guts.

This is a game made by Bloodlust, a software company that is perhaps best likened to the movie production company Troma, for most of their output consisted of blood-and-guts themed games like the dire fighter Time Slaughter and Tromaball. This one is actually pretty decent as far as it goes, but it is certainly not for the easily offended, mixing as it does excessive gore and vulgarity. In essence, the game is basically a flashy update of Pong, but with a slightly more competitive edge and takes elements of Bloodlust's earlier Executioners to create a sadistic update to a classic. If you want to get into the background for the game, well it involves midgets, torturous punishments, an array of bizarrely grotesque champions and severed heads. What this translates into in game terms is a two-player sports game, where the goal is simply to hurl the aforementioned severed head into the opponent's goal, thus racking up the points in traditional fashion. You also have an array of special attacks to help you in your quest and which helps to liven things up. In terms of gameplay this is pretty simple stuff but it is surprisingly enjoyable if taken as a pure sporting game. However, its main selling point is the ridiculous amount of blood, gore and profanity on display here and your enjoyment of the game pretty much relies on how much of this you can take. If the idea of furious midgets screaming insults while blood spurts almost incessantly across the screen appeals, then you'll likely find this as entertaining as the developers intended. If however, it strikes you as childish and tedious then this is guaranteed to be consigned to the bin in pretty short order.

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