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Very simple BASIC programmed Archery game

Archery is an 83 produced game, that offers you a diminutive yet fun archery minigame; you will have to set the speed and the trajectory of your arrow and then shoot. The shooting itself relies on a revolving indicator, so, to increase your chances of shooting accurately, you have to press your button when your indicator is centered on the target. It's a BASIC programmed game, and it shows: you have nothing more than a 2D black screen with the indicators of direction and angle, and then you also get the other info about the AI players, on top of the screen. The graphics are as minimalist as they can get, and the animations are also pretty simple. So, shoot, repeat, and gain more point than your AI players, while also trying to beat your own record. It's the kind of proof of concept game, more than anything, but it can be fun for a few minutes. For a more hearty archery game, download Ultimate Hunt Challenge, which also contains a bow and arrow as weapons, yet also features a lot of other more classic gunpowder type weaponry.

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