Ultimate Hunt Challenge

Sport 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Shooter

Another nice deer slayer simulator

The premise of Ultimate Hunt Challenge, as is the case with many other hunting simulators is that you are a (bloodthirsty) hunter, looking to create havoc in the natural world. Alright, that's a bit extreme, I'll give you that, given that the game, in good simulation fashion puts you at shooting distance from any wildlife so very often. But there are incentive for being both a skilled shot as well as a law abiding one. You see, the game will offer you points and trophies for the kills that involve the approved seasonal game, but if you go around and kill anything else you are going to have a bad time, as your points will be deducted. So, you will, ask, when I can go for Deer Hunter 4 a classic of the genre, why should I bother with Ultimate Hunt Challenge? Well, the game has its own merits: the graphics are nice and the dynamism of the maps and weather makes for a nice addition as well. Thus, with this game you will be able to immerse yourself in hunting, which can be quite relaxing for the appropriate people. Just don't expect for targets to pop up every few minutes, because you'll be disappointed. Playing the waiting and tracking game is what this game will offer you and where it is at its best.

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