Jonah Lomu Rugby

Sport 1997 Windows Rage Software Rugby

Rugby sim, with the New Zeeland All Blacks!

The rights to the two most renown rugby teams in the world, The New Zeeland All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies are both included in this game, which makes the experience of playing this action rugby even more rewarding. At any rate, it will continue to expand in the future, and to become one of the most treasured rugby sims out there, in this game you still get a lot of the novel concepts that will be refined in future releases. You see, rugby is a team sport that shares but a fe3w ideas with American football, but in all respects it has its own unique mechanics and feel. So, in order to simulate this game properly, a few hard to implement ideas had to be designed in a certain manner. It is the age old problem of baseball games: how do you retain the simulation aspects wile not encumbering the game with too many intricate controls, while keeping the skills of the players in the game and while challenging you, the gamer in some manner or form. Well, I'm glad to say that Jonah Lomu Rugby does manage to create both a realistic enough game while also keeping the controls and the other aspects of play flawless enough to be played without too much hassle.

THE rugby game

By far Jonah Lomu is the best rugby game ever made, sure the graphics aren't as good as modern games but you'll like its game mechanics. One of the best things about it is the vintage All Black team with Wilson, Lomu and Cullen as the back 3! Mehrtens at fly half, Bunce at Centre, Zinzan Brook, Kronfald, Fitzpatrick, Robin Brook, Olo Brown in the fowards these are all great players and to have them playing in the same team is wonderful!

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