Army Men: Toys in Space

Strategy 1999 Windows 3DO Company Organized forces Action Real time Modern

A game with a lot of potential

It is another action strategy game in the genre of strategy games and features a very conventional plot. To give you the gist of the plot, the world has been invaded by some deadly and malicious aliens who want to take it over. You have two characters in the game to control and both are members of the armed forces. One of them is a male character and the other is female character. They will both organize a team of professionals who will counter the invaders with their effective strategy making and the diverse weapons. In terms of the artillery, you have some very good and complicated weapons to counter the highly equipped and advanced aliens. You have to make the right moves and manage your unit so that you can survive the various missions and bring the invaders down. The action sequences or the animations are pretty good and the graphics to support them are fine. You get a clear picture of the real time action and will also have to counter some obstacles and puzzles in various missions. The creativity has been kept intact by keeping the gameplay non-repetitive and unique. The controls can also be managed easily. I have also been playing Skullcaps off late and I have really enjoyed it.

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