Asterix: The Gallic War

Action 1999 Windows Akella Cartoon Platformer

Asterix in action!

Gallic War is a 1999 action strategy made especially for those that are fans of Asterix and Obelix series, both animated and videogame series. Of course, not only them will enjoy this game, but also those that like the combination of the two genres that define it. You play as the two comic book characters, Asterix and Obelix, being accompanied by the rest of the Celtic Gaul army. They battle against the Romans, led by Caesar. Your mission is to steal lands beside your territories. The gameplay also includes mini-games that suppose collecting coins and other items, and if you survive them, you are allowed to gain control of the land and its resources. I think the gameplay could have been more solid and consistent if there were added hand-to-hand battles with the Roman characters, or competitions that decided who can own a certain land. The producers could have worked harder at the graphics, sounds and music area, but in fact, I think they are not so important when it comes to this type of game, the gameplay must be more important. I have to mention that this game is not only for kids, because adults will enjoy it as well, probably wanting to play it all over again.

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