Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!

Action 1999 Windows Activision Cartoon Platformer 3D action adventure

To infinity and beyond!

The Disney name can usually be relied upon for some pretty good games, with the likes of Aladdin and Lion King standing testament to what can be done with the license. Toy Story 2 continues in that tradition and builds upon the success of its predecessor, Toy Story, to create another solid action game that should appeal to Disney fans and anyone just looking for a good game. Unlike the original, this one is a 3D platformer, a bit like Mario 64 but simpler, and which is based on the movie. The lovable Woody has been kidnapped by an evil toy collector, so it's up to his chum Buzz Lightyear to save the day by rescuing him. What follows is a straightforward but fun action platformer, that sees you exploring various environments from the film, bouncing around and taking on enemies while solving the occasional puzzle, battling a few mini-bosses and completing challenges like collecting coins and so on. To round things out, you've got all the characters from the movie making an appearance, making this a treat for fans. Toy Story 2 isn't a classic and it's not going to last you forever, but while it does, it's a fun ride. It's got decent graphics for the period and which hold up well enough today, especially the cut scenes, with sound to match. The gameplay isn't anything staggeringly original, but it's enjoyable with some good level design. The action does get a little repetitive after a while and it's best suited to younger fans, thanks to the general lack of challenge and variety, but for this audience, this is a good game.

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