Disney's Hercules

Action 1997 Windows Disney Cartoon Myth and legend Platformer Arcade

Impressive and challenging

Disney's Hercules is an action game released in 1997 by Disney Interactive Software, a company that delivers only high-quality entertainment and creative excellence. Another games similar to Hercules that I also played are Tarzan and Aladdin. This game brought me a lot of joy the first time that I played it, and this happened a looong time ago. Now it's time to bring back the good old memories, by writing this review. I don't think Hercules, the son Zeus, needs any introduction, because I am sure everyone heard about the most powerful man on the Greek mythology, and the stories related to him. In this game you have to defeat villains, pass some difficult missions, all this, in order to face and kill Hades, the leader of the dead. Also, the hero's main goal is to gain immortality, by showing courage in the tasks he has to perform. Hades is responsible for making his progress hard to endure, by sending ferocious creatures and Titans after him. The animations are delightful, so the environment, the sounds are very good, and the gameplay consists in collecting coins, avoiding obstacles, killing enemy creatures with various types of swords, and some of the blocks in your way can be punched with your powerful fist. You will definitely get attached by the main hero's acrobatic skills and abilities to defend himself, and by the game itself. The creative world with different characters and new challenges make the action more dynamic. If you saw the movie, you will recognize in this game many things from it, like some elements related to the graphics and the voice acting. Don't miss Disney's Hercules if you like to discover and search for secrets.


It's a good game with good 2d graphics and it is very fast going game. It does not give the player a sense of difficulty but it is a relatively easy game. What i like most in this game is that its view/camera changes in some stages. It is a higly entertaining game with amazing monster characters and it has a very beautiful environment. Its colours are very good and attractive specially the colour of stones and grass. Moreover the costume of hercules is very fantastic.

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