Astro Blaster

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Rolf Franzon Space combat

SEGA`s Galaxian clone; addictive!

Astro Blaster is a well done, addictive, fast remix of Galaxian. Thus, the arcade drill and build will be immediately familiar; you have to go about each level and try to destroy all of the invading aliens. It takes a little work to do so, it will keep you busy for long periods of time. Also, what Astro Blaster does is create really satisfying enemy barrages, but when you feel like it's all too complicated and too hard to sink into, you just find that a cool weapons upgrade is afforded to you! And thus, Astro Blaster is thus playable, and has that drive to play yet another round, which really is what makes it great. Also, graphically, if you've played some other SEGA games, the speed of this game is a bit faster than your usual game. So, overall, Astro Blaster is fantastic, for short breaks, but also for those that love to go for a really long spin with their arcade shooters. One of the few issues that the game has, though, is the use of highly derivative music, so, better mute that and play your own. But the noises are good enough, and will transport you to the 90s arcades in no time. So have it in your collection.

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