Eagle' s Rider

Arcade 1990 Dos Infogrames Space combat Flight shooter

Find the space cyborg planet; space shooter game!

Eagle's Rider is a combination of space shooter and adventure game; you are a pilot, Steve Jordan on a warbird called Eagle and your goal is to find a cyborg's planet. Basically, you have a shooting stage, and at the end of it you are going to find a space station. In there, in text mode, you are going to interact with the inhabitants of these space stations, and find the clues towards your next target. There are quite a few space stations, and hopping from one to another will bring you closer to your final target. Sure enough, there are harder and harder space battles to be had, in between each space station, but you also can collect new weapons and other upgrades that makes your job easier. The game is in third person with a simple 3D like engine, with lots of asteroids and other targets to shoot at. Download Advanced NetWars too for a similar experience. This game is much more sprawling, and has a lot more elements to it, compared to Eagle's Rider, yet, both of them are great for space shooting, even if from very different points in time.

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