Action 2000 Windows Fox Interactive Top down Puzzle based

Action adventure with a steampunk story

Sanity is a well put together action game, with quite a bit of adventure elements, most of which are action puzzles. The game shines graphically, as it uses a version of the Unreal engine or something very similar. Thus, playing it is really enjoyable graphically speaking, though you might have an issue or two with the actual gameplay. Most of the time you will be making your way through the interior spaces, in search of an item or simply to locate the exit. The interiors can at times be quite intricate and nauseating, but, thankfully, this happens only so often, so it won't turn into a big problem. At any rate, the story told is one which involves a sort of steampunk future, with men using enhancements to have a fighting chance, sort of like in Deus Ex. But the comparisons do end at this particular stage, as this one game is not as intricate or as concerned with creating a space for diverse gameplay. If you scrutinize it, the game mostly puts you up for an A to B race with few options to tackle the advancement. Thus, you will be left to find your way across the environment as fast as you can, shooting everything in your sight, while the cut scenes advance the story without much input from your part.

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