The Lost City of Atlantis

Action 1995 Dos Noch Software Platformer Puzzle based

An enticing adventure set in the lost Atlantis city

In The Lost City of Atlantis you will get to explore the city in simple yet elegant 2D cut frames, that present to you the city in its glory days. The story behind it all involves a lot of takes on the mythology of the Atlantis island and, as a first game in the series it does a good job of creating the premise of it all. Later games in the series will develop this plot line, but they will also develop the game from a graphical point of view. Nonetheless if you're okay with 2D graphics the likes of the Sierra adventures you are sure to love this one as well. The game also does a good job at creating puzzles, which, for the most part will feel great for fans of those kinds of games, but at times they will also feel novel and pretty interesting, however you choose to look at them. Yes, there will be point and clicking, there will be inventory based puzzles and much more, but for the most part, in The Lost City of Atlantis you'll love the sites and the story. Give it a tryand be ready to play the otehrs as well. This one's an enticing series!

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