Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire

Action 2001 Windows Disney Shooter First Person

Action adventure with Atlantis mythology weaved in the story

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Trial by Fire is one of those games that manage to take the story so much out of the game, to make it such a secondary concern to the player that you simply not notice it. But, what it is that the game tries to communicate story wise is that you're an explorer bent on finding out more about Atlantis and thus get caught in a number of challenges that will see you in a lot of different action and adventure situations. The action is made up of shooting, dodging, fighting melee style or doing some rudimentary platforming (really badly implemented though!) and the adventure will see you turning knobs, happening on clues and on objects that you pick and combine with others, or, the rare logical puzzle, lifted ad literam from classic cardboard type puzzles. Coupled with some really low depth third person landscapes, and with really bland and repetitive objects that are sprinkled through the levels, you'll soon realize that this is not a game that anyone wanted to make really badly. So, my advice to you, if you want third person action and adventure is to go for American McGee's Alice which shows that such hybrids not only are possible, but they can be absolutely remarkable. Disney's game can just sit there and collect dust, as it must have been intended to do from the very start!

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