LEGO Alpha Team

Action 2000 Windows LEGO Top down Puzzle based Movie style

Covert mission sim with LEGOs!

I usually can get behind any LEGO title, in fact I really loved the Batman LEGO titles and the Indiana Jones ones. But, I don't know, maybe it's just me or maybe I kind of reached a saturation point, but definitely, LEGO Alpha Team did not strike me as a very satisfying LEGO title. What it asks you to do is put you in the shoes of a LEGO secret agent, where you control not one but a team of up to five secret agents. The action is thus always focused on the powers of all these characters and you can't really become too familiar with none of them, which kind of erodes your experience. I mean, don't get me wrong, when the game is carefully calculated to be played by a team of characters I get and approve it: I am very much in love with titles such as The Lost Vikings but there the recipe is very carefully calculated to work as advertised. In LEGO Alpha Team however, the regular engine works that must have been used for the entirety of these LEGO titles isn't really that conducive to as great an experience as these other titles were able to create. Yap, there are puzzles, based on stacking and arranging LEGO contraptions, there is the regular action and the hunting for all sort of hidden thingies, but for the most part LEGO Alpha Team seems stranded and incapable of just sinking into a gameplay formula to keep you invested. So, what can I say, those that scour for LEGO titles might enjoy it just because, well, it's a LEGO title, but most of us will probably find it underwhelming. At least there is no shortage of LEGO titles, so you can always source a more satisfying one.

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