Zeppelin - Giants of the Sky

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Ikarion Software Business Historical

Like Air Bucks, but more simulation inclined

Truth be told, if your aim is to create a game that is a serious Zeppelin simulator (inclined towards battle missions) you won't really find that much content in real history. Yeah, there were a few attempts here and there to use zeppelins for military purposes but their bulkiness, lack of speed and general frailness made them quite undesirable in the skies of war. So, yeah, this game has had to kind of bend the historic truth quite a bit, and thankfully, this game simulates commercial route zeppelin business, so that it can actually offer you some really nice (and believable) content. You will have a more serious game session with this one than you could expect to have with Air Bucks as this game also includes managerial bits as well as mechanical play, in that it asks you to fit your zeppelins with the right kind of bits and pieces and it asks you to sink into a really great game. So, overall, Zeppelin - Giants of the Sky sure is a great simulation of a kind, for those that can excuse a game's bad interface design and overall repetitive gameplay.

Unique flight management game

Zeppelin - Giants of the Sky is a flight management videogame brought to us by Ikarion Software. One of the early games to portray the management of a zeppelin airline company, the game, even though in German, gives you that satisfying feeling of being a great manager. Set in the '30s or '40s(I guess), the object of the game is to manage a zeppelin flight company, by managing flight routets, the vehicles themselves and so much other tasks. The game is rather easy to play, however some learning of the game mechanics is required at first. In order to create a flight route, you first need to purchase your zeppelins, making sure they are filled with all the necessary gases and the plan the routes. These can be anywhere from some points in Europe to some points in America or viceversa.

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