1942: The Pacific Air War

Simulation 1994 Dos Dosbox Microprose Flight Historical Strategy

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Excellent WWII-themed flying sim

As World War 2 flying sims go, this has to be one of the best, with few other games rivalling it in terms of depth and detail. Upon firing up the game, you'll be greeted by a ton of options, including the option to fly single missions, take part in a career mode or even take on the role of admiral controlling the battle from an aircraft carrier. However, career mode is where most gamers will head, and is where you'll participate in series of campaign-based missions, with excitement added by the way in which they adapt to your own actions, similar to Longbow 2. Missions, in both campaign and single mission mode, are varied and include flying escort duties, torpedoing ships or bombing bases, all of which offer their own unique challenges and thrills. The game represents the various planes well enough, with realistic handling which feels very different according to what you are currently flying and while there is a reasonable amount of detail, the graphics do look understandably dated. Terrain in particular looks pretty bad, with some rough textures and ugly design. Enemy AI also poses a few problems, being occasionally erratic, but on the whole it remains pretty challenging. For history buffs and flight sim fans alike this is a great experience. It's highly accessible but detailed and complex enough to keep veterans happy, with plenty of missions and options to keep you playing. Check out the sequel, European Air War, which simulates the Battle of Britain.

One of the best WW2 flight sims

Visually speaking, this is probably one of the best flight simulation games (when talking about great flight sims, check out the F-14 Tomcat sim. It'll blow your mind!) . When we talk about the gameplay, detail and quality, I'd say the same. One of the best flight simulation games, and likely the best WW2 flight simulation game. Since it is made in the early 1994, it only praiseworthy to see a game that old that looks this good. Everything is extremely detailed and genuine, the taking of, the flying,, the combat, the landing. The plane behaves exactly as it should if you were in a real WW2 fighter plane, so I think that this game is for the hardcore experts only. Others might get a little lost, since the game really is complex. There are a lot of gadgets and radars and whatnots, and you have to keep an eye on all that. This game is a real treat for all flight sim enthusiasts for sure. A great, realistic, detailed and exciting game. Absolutely fabulous. The only objection I should note is the awful, irritating and very bad sound game. Too bad. That would be the cherry on top. But still, a fantastic game!

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