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Build them molecules; a chemist's puzzler!

Atomix is a cool top down puzzler in which the main idea of the game is to build molecules out of the atoms that you are given. Sure, enough, it's not an edutainment title, yet it has a some rules in what makes these molecules tick together, and thus, finding the way to chain the atoms together will take some time. The idea is that at the start of the game you get a molecule preview. Then you have to have to recreate it. It's harder than it might seem at first, mainly because, Atomix has some rules, that kind of make it into a follow-the-recipe kind of game, with a side dressing of find-the-right-sequence on the side. As you'll find out, different atoms behave differently (and if you know a little chemistry, you'll find that there is a reason for this madness!). Overall, the simpler, smaller molecules are the ones that you get to make at the beginning, and, later on the molecules are harder to produce, as they are bigger and more complex to achieve. So, while it won't turn you into Lavoisier, it still is going to bake your noodle! Also, download IQ Test, for an even more serious brain teaser game!

A little bit of chemistry..

Atomix, just like the name suggests, is a puzzle game (like Marble Drop) that involves molecules and atoms, a great game for chemistry enthusiasts and doctor wannabees. Well, the concept of the game is pretty simple - you are presented with a bunch of atoms and you are to use them and form a required molecule. So, if you are presented with one oxygen atom and two hydrogen, knowing that the formula for water is H2O, you know what to do. As the game goes further on, thus the molecules and chemical components will get a LOT more complicated. Oh, and did I say that there's a timer? So hurry the hell up! Well, the game has its advantages, that' for sure. Other than being very fun (if you like chemistry stuff), it's also very educational, so children can, through the methods of effort and elimination, learn quite a few stuff about chemistry that will help them in school one day. The graphics are pretty decent, but not over the top. They do the job just fine. The same can be said about the sound effects. If you like puzzle games or want to give your kids something to learn in a fun and interesting way, go ahead and show them Atomix.

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