Classic Concentration 2

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Only for puzzle game lovers

It is a classic puzzle game which involves solving a rebus. For those of you who have no idea what a rebus is, it is basically a puzzle in which there are words which are presented or depicted through a combination comprising of letters and pictures. This game will be played between two contestants and each will have his/her turn on the board one by one. There is a 30 numbered panel beneath which the rebus lies and the player in control will select two panels which will cause to reveal two prizes. If the two reveled prizes are same, the rebus portion that is hidden underneath will start to show. Now the contestant will have the option either to solve this rebus or may proceed by selecting two other panels. So if the two panels do not match, the player loses his/her turn. So that's what the game is basically all about. In terms of the gameplay, it's a simple game which works smooth and the UI has also been made very good to guide the players how to play it. There was not any need of Hi-Fi graphics and the simple color combinations in it are good enough. It's a game for the classic puzzle or rebus game lovers and stands pretty much on the same level as Number Munchers.

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