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A fun and dangerous experience

D-Generation is a 1991 action game where you will find yourself in a competition against time, in your way to escape from a building you are trapped in! You are a courier whose job is to deliver a package to a scientist at this buiding in Singapore named Genoq Biolabs. But suddenly something bad happens, that keep you from getting away. You will find a way out by solving the puzzles and by living the exciting action! Yes, this game is fun! Among your tasks are included: talking to the people, rescuing some of them, collect weaponry, using computers. Play this game and find out the secrets behind this case, like what is in your package, what is in fact the D-Generation and what surprises will await you in the building! You will face dangers in the laboratories, and you have to take care and to avoid them. There are threats that will swallow you whole, that have the power to end up your existence by turning you into pancakes, decapitate, electrocute and even chasing you from room to room! You can defend yourself with bombs, freezers, shields, plasma walls. These items and other ones are found in your inventory. Your four enemies are categorized in A/Generations (can turn invisible), B/Generations (more dangerous and faster), C/Generations (immune to some of your weapons and more powerful), D/Generations (which will appear at the end of the game, being the final and the strongest boss). The graphics look very nice and the game is not repetitive at all. At every step you will find new surprises, so play D-Generation to live the compelling and dangerous experience!

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