IQ Test

Puzzle 1991 Dos L. J. M. de Beer Brainteaser Education

IQ test game; similar to the classic one

If you are planning to take an IQ test, and want to better your chances to get a better score (and not wallow in self pity!) you can play with this DOS straightforward product, that offer you the logic, intuition, numerical tests and so on, that make up the basic ideas of an IQ test even today. The graphics are nothing too special though; it's mostly black and white, but it's all for the better, and that is so mostly because you are free to concentrate on the tests, and thus get a much better score than you could have otherwise. Now, a little bit of a problem, especially if you choose to play this in full screen mode, is that you will notice a bit of a visual shading, which is not with the game, but in your eyes, since the black and white graphics are really harsh! So, try to play without exaggerating and keep taking breaks. Don't worry, playing this won't really constitute cheating in the real test, as the puzzles and questions generally have the same idea of testing, but are not exactly the same. So, it's worth it, but don't play it without resting; it will create lines on your visual field. Similarly, download Super Solvers: Gizmos And Gadgets, for a similar math heavy testing and skill building game.

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