Awesome Jackpot

Simulation 1993 Dos ASF Casino

Fruit machine game worth it

Awesome Jackpot surely looks its age; it was released in 93; thus, the graphics and the sounds, as well as its inherent DOS chunkiness are all there, just waiting to be looked into and explored. However, you can be sure that with Awesome Jackpot you will have a mighty good time trying to win the jackpot. So, what Awesome Jackpot is, is a well done, DOS looking fruit machine game; it's got all the staples of such arcade luck games. It has the spinning platter of fruit and other symbols. Match three of them and you will gain a little. But chain a few of them and your jackpot will get higher and higher. Also, if it needed be said, if you lose, you won't lose any real money! Which is why it's a much fairer bet than to actually go at your local watering hole and spend your money on the real slot machines that will see your entire pocket money dissipate without a trace! So, overall, if you've ever wanted a fruit machine DOS game, this sure can be it. Else, for a list of more casino games, with slot machines included, download Bicycle Casino, which has loads of casino games apart from classic fruit machines.

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