Casino Tournament of Champion

Simulation 1995 Windows Intracorp Casino

Humdrum collection of casino games

Anyone who wants to savour the dubious delights of Las Vegas but without the glamour, 99 cent shrimp cocktails or risk of losing it all on one overly bold hand may enjoy Casino Tournament of Champion. As you might expect from the title, this brings together several of the most popular casino games in one package and includes blackjack, poker, slots and roulette. The games will be familiar to anyone who has played Card Mania, Caesar's Palace, or the similarly themed Trump Castle series from the same developers. The one thing that makes this different from Trump Castle is the addition of a few multiplayer modes to make the games more competitive, and while the graphics are somewhat improved over that previous release they are still lacking in the polish that games like Beat the House offer. Your enjoyment of this game will depend on your tolerance of card games and their ilk, but newcomers are unlikely to find much to interest them here, thanks to the less than appealing visuals and audio and fairly amateurish interface. Old hands at this type of thing will also be less than impressed for the same reasons, while the lack of any new features over other similar games is also likely to prove a turnoff. The games themselves are reasonably well executed, with challenging opponents but there is little here that will prove compelling enough to warrant more than a cursory examination, and that for completists only. If you are really after an old-school casino-themed game, then Lucky's Casino or the aforementioned Beat the House are your best bets.

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