Arcade 1997 Windows MediaQuest Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Get those bad aliens out of your land!

RayStorm is another game in a series of fantastic vertical shooters and will trill you within minutes! The plot is typical - it is the distant future and we have found out that we are not alone. The bad aliens have come to take over your planet and you are the only thing that stands between them and the total annihilation of your beloved planet Earth. After the spectacular intro video you are greeted with 8 levels full of non stop action and excitement! The game has all that great shooter games like Raptor have - tons of enemy ships, all aimed at you, cool weapons that can get powered up only by killing more baddies, fantastic level design, and what is important, the adrenaline inducement that ensues. You will get glued to the screen and won't let go until the game is finally finished. Beware, though - the game truly will give you a hard time unless you are a true veteran of the franchise! The graphics are beautiful, 3D rendered and with awesome detailed, all shown in an isometric top down view that will make your mouth water. RayStorm is truly one of the best vertical shooters, right shoulder to shoulder with before mentioned Raptor and G-Darius, my two favorites. Two thumbs way up!

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