Island Hopper

Arcade 1998 Windows PLBM Games Vertical shooter Side scrolling Flight shooter

Raptor like vertical shooter

Hmm, the name of this one doesn't really make justice to the gameplay that it offers, you'd think it's some remake of original Frogger, but nope, it's a top down vertical shooter similar to Raptor featuring a plane and that classic, close to ground shooting and dodging of enemy planes. Therefore, it is very arcadey, and, all things considered a moderately fun game. Not that it doesn't try, oh, it does, but graphically it's pretty unimpressive, also, from the point of view of the enemy placement it is not as smart as some others and thus, when you manage to get a few more upgrades it becomes so very easy to play. On the other hand, because the waves of enemies don't have a well put together formation or variations of formations, you end up with lots of situations that are inescapable. Nope, a bullet hell must give you a window of opportunity, but this one doesn't. But, yeah, play if you want a playable vertical shooter, sort of set in a World War-ish kind of graphical abstract, but a game that doesn't take itself too seriously and is quite measly in its offering.

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