Hesperian Wars

Strategy 1998 Windows BMS Modern Games Handelsagentur Fantasy Real time

RTS where your tribal leader decides your play style

In Hesperian Wars one of the very first decisions that you will have to make is what type of tribal leader you will want to pick. This leader, acting like your classic medieval fantasy strategy chieftain can have a number of different traits, traits which will have effects on your global strategy playing game. Therefore, in Hesperian Wars your gameplay style is both skewered as well as aided by the way you pick your chieftain. At any rate, HW is great experience, sharing the gameplay between RPG and the strategy itself. The game is a fantasy medieval type of business, which works great for it, with leaders that can be trained in the arcane arts or can impersonate some other RPG typologies. Either way Hesperian Wars is a very well designed and well produced game, with 2D graphics that will remind you of Warlords Battlecry, also, with similar mechanics of gameplay. Also, you will love this one if games where you can attempt different takes on the same mission, with great replay value entice you, as Hesperian Wars sure is a game that can last you a long time.

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