Double Dragon

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Arcadia Systems Beat em up

Beat em up in postapocalyptic New York!

Double Dragon is a straightforward beat em up game, where you have your character start most of the levels at the left of a sidescrolling city street, and have to beat his way to the exit of the level, located, 9 out of 10 times, at the right of it! Yep, it's not a puzzle heavy game, all it takes instead is a good strategy and fast twitch reaction. When you have but one enemy to beat up it's all right; however, when more are on screen, and some of them fitted with some long range weapons as well, it's definitely harder to keep the advantage in your plane. But not impossible, since Double Dragon also offers you some neat upgrades as you go on; the game levels are littered with crow bars and other such elements that you can use as you find them and you can use them until you are beaten. You can restart the level as many times as you want, which is great, as the game is pretty difficult later on. Graphically, Double Dragon looks like 16bit SNES game, but it is well suited for the DOS platform, and lots of fun to play. Similarly download River City Ransom - Street Gangs, a beat em up of the same quality standards.

A cool brainless fighting game

This is a pretty cool 2D arcade game full of very inovative traps and obstacles and a lot of bad guys for you to beat up. Billy and Jimmy are on a rescue mission, to steal back Billy's girlfriend from the paws of the evil Mr. Big. You can choose to play Billy or Jimmy or you can invite a friend so both of you can play. The game looks fun - you go, beat up bad guys with anything that comes in our eyesight (like Jackie Chan does :D) and that's all. You also have cool kicks and punches that look pretty good. The problem might be in that the game is a bit too easy. The guys fall on the floor a bit to easy and their punches don't hurt you as much as they should. Nevertheless, I liked the game. As I said before, I really like the traps and obstacles that are presented. I like the animation and the fact that the game is not too slow.It's simple and it's not a braniac. It looks pretty good to me and there is a cool soundtrack. If you're for some brainless fun or if you want to blow of some angry steam, maybe you should check this game out. It might be worth your time. And if you're looking for something similar, try Street Fighter

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