Bad Street Brawler

Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Beam Software Beat em up Gangster

Pixelated, low budget, but cool and playable!

In Bad Street Brawler you're going to impersonate this 80s looking street brawler, which seems to have just went out for a drink after a wrestling match! He's a bit pixelated, but that's alright; in his array of moves he has quite a few, and, besides, he's very easy to control and generally very resilient. So, if you ever fantasized about being an 80s gangster on some sort of powders, now it's yours for the taking. Yep, it's a game that if you have around at a party will definitely draw in some looks. And if someone decides to play it, it's not going to be an abomination to control. Nope, it's going to offer a lot of fun experiences. It's not as good as Renegade, but it is also a monster of its own making, that will offer you a very different experience. So, all things considered, Bad Street Brawler is the greatest for relaxed, fun left to right beat em up, a funny game nonetheless that is even funnier to play under the influence of friends and booze! So have it around, just in case you have friends around!

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