Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Taito Beat em up Gangster

Beat them up that kept me busy for days on end!

My experience with Renegade was an absolutely enthralling one, to be frank, one that sort of wasn't that healthy! I used to play the ZX Spectrum version of this game (much less graphically advanced than this DOS version, but otherwise following the same recipe) so much so that my vision would become blurry and my head spun, when I finally got away from the TV set! But, I guess, all of this is a wink and a high five for this really nice, simple but really well delivered beat them up. So, you'll ask, what did it manage to do so well? Well, the game was really nicely balanced. It pitted you with diverse combinations of assaulters, in different scenarios so that you were always looking to duck the foes, while also trying to advance. The bosses were also really interesting, as their patterns were not too difficult but not at all dull! For instance, there were bosses that would shoot at you, and you had to go up and down or left to right, and when the boss reloaded, that was your cue to administer a bashing. Also, the game was a bit politically incorrect but rather impartial: the adversaries were men and women alike, but all of them just as poised to get you! Ehh, sweet memories! PS: Give Barbarian 2 a go if you want a similar experience but a much faster one, this one too is amongst my favorites.

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