Action 1988 Dos Dosbox Actionware Gangster

Shooting gallery game, fun, 8bit, 2D sidescrolling scenarios

Capone puts you in the shoes of the notorious prohibition kingpin, Capone, where, with the help of Tommy gun and with the help of a fast eye and good shooting skills (and discerning eyes, if you want to save some of the civilian targets1) you will shoot, shoot, shoot. Don't expect no historically accurate retelling of the actual events that are Capone's life, instead be happy to know that this game offers you a well produced, always entertaining gallery of sidescrolling city vistas, inspired by Chicago in the Jazz era, and where you can lose minutes or hours, just rail shooting, without other constraints or obligations. Yes, it's a rail shooter, in 2D, but it's well paced, wit additional challenges, such as avoiding to kill civilians and mini puzzles based on exploding objects. Great, nonetheless, if that kind of experience is what you are looking after. Otherwise, see later titles, in 3D, such as the House of the Dead or the well produced Mad Dog McCree, which tells more of a western inspired story.

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